Under the current immigration laws, the United States will typically deport people who they see aren’t contributing to society as a whole. Whether you are facing deportation because your visa is expired, you’ve received a DUI, or you’ve been convicted of a crime such as shoplifting, our immigration lawyer can provide you with the attorney services in Fort Lee that you need to stop deportation. These are some of the ways in which we can help you stay in America:

Removal Waivers

This is an effort in which your attorney can petition the government to show that your contribution to society outweighs any previous violations. These need to be convincing documents with evidential support, so it is best to have an immigration attorney prepare them for you.

Political Asylum

If your nation is under serious political strife, then you may qualify to apply for political asylum. While almost half of these applications are approved now (as opposed to less than a fifth approval rate in the 1990s), it is important to have a lawyer on your side for these intensive application processes.

Prosecutorial Discretion

This is an exemption that has been a part of U.S. immigration law for quite some time. It states that the prosecution is allowed to stop deportation for humanitarian reasons. However, this exemption is rarely, if ever, used without a powerful application.

Cancellation of Removal

This is a case where a nonpermanent U.S. resident can appeal to a judge with proof of residency that dates back ten years, a strong moral character, and a powerful hardship placed on children of the person in question. The judge can then overrule, or cancel, the deportation.

U Visa

This visa is designed in order to protect immigrants from being prey to criminals. If they are beneficial to and cooperate with the law enforcement agencies after being the victim of a crime, they are not only granted cancellation of deportation, but they are also given a green card.

We understand that deportation is an enormous threat, especially when you’ve come so far to escape difficulty. We believe that legal services should never be overly expensive or stressful, so let us help you today.