U.S. immigration laws are extraordinarily complicated. It has been said that immigration law is second only to tax law in its complexity. Even small mistakes in a visa application, or the evidence provided as part of the green card process can lead to long delays, denials, and deportation. For these reasons and more, many people choose to use attorney services in Fort Lee. Immigration lawyers interpret the law, help you analyze your own rights, possibilities, strategies, and guide you through every step of the complicated immigration process.They prepare a lot of paperwork on your behalf, and help you get organized about which items you need to collect on your own such as birth certificates or proof of a valid marriage. They make sure the information you present when filling out forms, collecting documents, or preparing statements and testimony is clear, correct, and consistent. Most importantly, an experienced attorney knows what to expect, how to avoid delays and what issues to prepare for to make sure things don’t get held up on legal technicalities.

If you find yourself in deportation proceedings call us right away. Attorney Kevork Adanas has been a trusted resource for entrepreneurs, business owners and others seeking excellence and efficiency. Those in need of deportation defense are involved in what is now called a “removal proceeding.” This process is extremely intimidating and overwhelming and we will do everything we can to ensure you are not deported. We stand apart from the rest! We have sensitivity to your budget, recognize that time is of the essence, have exceptional educational resources, commit to excellent customer service, and are always accessible. Don’t waste another minute and contact us today.