There are so many misconceptions about immigrating into the United States that it’s hard to keep things straight! Thankfully here at Kevork Adanas, P.C., we offer attorney services in Fort Lee that cover immigration services because we understand the hardships you face as an immigrant, as well as the hardships your employers feel. Today we’re going to take a closer look at some of the FACTS concerning US immigration.

  • Most immigrants in the US are legal! While it’s a common misconception that a lot of the immigrants in the US are here illegally, that’s entirely false!
  • The most popular state for immigrants is California. It’s true! According to studies, there are approximately 10 million immigrants in the state of California and make up one-quarter of the population there.
  • A lot of immigrants have completed higher levels of education. Research shows that around one-quarter of the immigrants in the country have their Bachelor’s degree, if not more. This is comparable to native citizens who are in a similar age range.
  • Immigrants who are unauthorized to work in the US make up about 5% of our workforce. This equals to around 8.1 million immigrants who are either already working or currently looking for work.
  • 50% of the immigrants in the country are at least proficient in English if not better. That’s a large portion of immigrants who are in the US and who can speak clear English. Within the next 10 years, it’s expected for this percentage to rise to 75%.

We understand that US immigration laws are confusing and complex. We offer attorney services in Fort Lee that can help you!