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Immigration through adoption can be confusing and there are several factors that you have to consider if you’re trying to understand it. Our attorney services in Fort Lee can help you know your rights when it comes to immigration through adoption and what the process entails.

Immigration through adoption pertains to the adoption of a child born in country that is not the United States by a parent who isn’t living in the country either. There are several requirements laid out by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services that you must satisfy if you’re trying to perform inner-country adoption.

Hague Process: This carefully considers how the birth parents of the child will be impacted, as well as the adoptive parents. This international treaty outlines many crucial safeguards to keep the best interest of the child in mind and only applies if the child is in a country that’s party to the treaty.

Orphan Process: Parents may follow this process if the child is in a country that doesn’t follow the Hague process. You can immigrate a child through the Orphan process if you meet several requirements, including: being a US citizen, showing that you’re adopting an orphan, and being able to demonstrate that you’ll provide suitable parental care.

Other options for adoption: If neither of the above options work for you, then you could be eligible for an alternative option. This is referred as the “Immediate Relative Process” and there are several things that differentiate this process from the two above.

It’s hard to understand which category you fall into when it comes to immigration through adoption. Our attorney services in Fort Lee can help you!

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