The United States attracts immigrants from all backgrounds and professions. Artists, scientists, religious workers, and even athletes have immigrated into our country and if you or someone you know wants to legally live and work in the US, there are several options! We offer attorney services in Fort Lee that can help you figure out which type of visa is best for you or help with any other immigration services you may need.

Today we’re going to talk about the differences between United States permanent and temporary employment visas.

Temporary Work Visas: Someone who doesn’t intend to permanently live in the United States but wants to temporarily work here is considered a temporary worker. When you are here on a temporary work visa, your time in the United States is limited and your activity during your stay may be limited depending on the reason for which you were issues the visa.

Permanent Work Visas: Did you know that there are around 140,000 employment-based visas available for immigrants every year? This number includes the permanent work visas which are ideal for those who want to permanently live in the United States. For one to be acquire a permanent work visa, they must immigrate to the United States based on a specific skill. Your work experience, skills, and education will play a crucial role in determining whether you’re approved. It’s important to know that some permanent work visas require that the applicant have a job offer from an employer within the United States already.