1. US Citizen Through Naturalization

    There are several possibilities to explore if you're living in the US and want to become a citizen of the United States. Here at Kevork Adanas, P.C., our attorney services in Fort Lee include immigration because we understand the hardships that immigrants can face and we implore you to call us if you're looking at naturalization as an option. In the meantime, we're going to explain how naturalizat…Read More

  2. Your Fort Lee Attorney Explains Immigration Through Adoption

    Immigration through adoption can be confusing and there are several factors that you have to consider if you're trying to understand it. Our attorney services in Fort Lee can help you know your rights when it comes to immigration through adoption and what the process entails. Immigration through adoption pertains to the adoption of a child born in country that is not the United States by a parent …Read More

  3. Immigration Facts From Your Trusted Fort Lee Attorney

    There are so many misconceptions about immigrating into the United States that it's hard to keep things straight! Thankfully here at Kevork Adanas, P.C., we offer attorney services in Fort Lee that cover immigration services because we understand the hardships you face as an immigrant, as well as the hardships your employers feel. Today we're going to take a closer look at some of the FACTS concer…Read More

  4. Your Fort Lee Attorney Explains Temporary VS Working Visas

    The United States attracts immigrants from all backgrounds and professions. Artists, scientists, religious workers, and even athletes have immigrated into our country and if you or someone you know wants to legally live and work in the US, there are several options! We offer attorney services in Fort Lee that can help you figure out which type of visa is best for you or help with any other immigra…Read More

  5. 3 Common Deportation Myths From Your Trusted Fort Lee Attorney

    Unfortunately in today's society, immigration and deportation are some of the most misunderstood concepts and subjects. While it's easy to mistake political rhetoric for actual truth, this oftentimes leads to unfounded prejudices and myths. Here at Kevork Adanas, P.C., we offer attorney services in Fort Lee that cover immigration and deportation. We're here today to take a closer look at some of t…Read More

  6. Common Reasons for Deportation

    Every year, hundreds of thousands of people are deported from the United States. Here are a few of the most common reasons: Violating the terms of your visa As you should know, the type of visa you received when arriving in the United States has strict terms that you must follow. For example, if you are visiting the country on a tourist visa, you cannot work here. Or if you are here on a student v…Read More

  7. Benefits to Hiring a Real Estate Attorney

    Purchasing and selling property is a complex process that has major risks involved every step of the way. That is why it is important to hire a real estate attorney any time you are buying or selling. Here are a few of the main benefits to seeking real estate attorney services in Fort Lee: Save money Nobody likes to pay more than they have to, and this is especially true when talking about a major…Read More

  8. 3 Reasons to Hire an Immigration Lawyer

    For many people, seeking out attorney services in Fort Lee is not a pleasant thought. But an attorney can help you navigate the complicated mess that is today’s legal world. Here are 3 reasons you may need an immigration lawyer: You are requesting asylum There are a variety of situations where seeking asylum may be necessary. If you fear you will be persecuted based on your race, religion, or ot…Read More

  9. When Do You Need An Immigration Lawyer

    You are not required to have a lawyer when applying for an immigrant visa or green card in the United States or overseas. If you have a straightforward case, are clearly eligible for the benefits you seek, and no record of crime or negative run-ins with immigration authorities, you can potentially proceed all the way obtaining a visa or green card without a lawyer. In fact, if you are overseas, la…Read More

  10. Why You Need A Real Estate Attorney When Buying A Home

    Home buying can be a stressful, complex process, especially if this is your first time purchasing real estate. New Jersey has its own set of unique requirements in place for when you buy a home, and your real estate agent will only go so far as to sell you the home you want, they won’t provide legal advice. This means that the best way to be sure you are getting the best deal with a contract tha…Read More