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Being separated from your family is something no person should have to endure. American immigration law takes into account the sheer amount of stress and heartache that is involved in being unable to see your children, spouse, siblings or parents . At the offices of Kevork Adanas P.C. Attorney at Law, you will gain a trusted hand in your family based green card case. Family-based immigration is a process by which a citizen of another country can become a permanent U.S. resident due to family relations with U.S. citizens or permanent residents. The family member who is already an American citizen(known as the “sponsor”) must file a petition.

In order to be a sponsor you must be at least 18 years of age, and a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident. Proof of citizenship or residency as well as proof of family relationship is also required to file the petition. From this point, there is a fair amount of paperwork that must be completed in order to get the wheels of family-based immigration rolling. If you are in need of legal assistance regarding family-based immigration call the offices of Kevork Adanas P.C. Attorney at Law today.

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