The threat of having your driver’s license suspended can have serious consequences in your personal and professional life. If you receive a Scheduled Suspension Notice from the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC), you shouldn’t assume that there is nothing you can do. It is your right to request a hearing with the MVC in order to dispute the scheduled term of suspension or have the suspension dismissed altogether.

However, if you are unable to justify your reasons as to why the MVC should hear your case, your request can be denied. This can also happen when people are unfamiliar with the hearing request process and do not assemble their materials in a formalized manner. To make matters worse, challenging the denial of a hearing request is an even more rigorous process that will consume your time and money. Fortunately, traffic attorney Kevork Adanas, P.C. has the experience and knowledge necessary to successfully obtain a hearing on your behalf. Once a hearing is obtained, the suspension of your license will be postponed until the hearing can take place.

Mr. Adanas will argue on your behalf to defeat the suspension or reduce its term in the actual hearing. Depending on your case, he may be able to argue why the circumstances surrounding your offense should not result in a suspension. He may be able to provide evidence for why you should be allowed to keep your license, such as working to support your family, and he can advocate for an alternate penalty such as enrollment in a driver education program. Whatever the specific aspects of your case are, you can count on Kevork Adanas to get your hearing and use it to obtain the most positive outcome for you.