Young drivers are prone to making mistakes on the road and oftentimes this can lead to penalties that are disproportionate to the offense. What’s more, penalties in the form of points added to a beginner’s provisional license can cause insurance premiums to skyrocket, placing a heavy burden on their entire family. Traffic attorney Kevork Adanas believes that while it is important to teach beginning drivers judgement and responsibility, the consequences should not be so punitive as to cause serious damage to a young driver’s record.

If your teenager has been charged with a traffic offense, contact Kevork Adanas immediately. His knowledge and experience will provide many options for defending your provisional driver and giving them the opportunity to learn from their mistake, rather than be weighed down with consequences. One option would be to argue for the dismissal of the ticket. He may be able to point out flaws in the state’s evidence and challenge the case against your young driver. Another option is to negotiate a reduction in the points that are applied to the provisional license. An example might be bargaining a charge of driving 15 mph over the speed limit down to only 10 mph, resulting in less points being applied to the driver’s record. This could also mean avoiding compulsory enrollment in the state’s driver improvement program.

Don’t let a dark shadow be cast across your child’s driving record for years to come. Contact Kevork Adanas, P.C. today, and turn your probationary driver’s potentially damaging situation into a learning experience like it should be.