Zoning restrictions can cause a huge snag in the development of a residential or commercial property. Whether they are restricting property development opportunities, business use or are limiting the owner’s capacity to build, this frustrating process can be made much easier should you decide to hire an attorney to assist you. The Offices of Kevork Adanas P.C. Attorney at Law you can find all the help you need in dealing with regulatory compliance, permits, zoning approvals and litigation.

Mr. Adanas has experience handling the following kinds of cases:

  • Title Certifications  Environmental permits and approvals
  • Zoning approvals, appeals and opinion letters
  • Historical permits and approvals  Rights of way and waterway permits
  • Building code appeals

The legal system itself is not always easy to navigate and when it comes to real estate law the processes are only made even more complicated. If you feel as though you are in need of some guidance or assistance do not hesitate to call our law office today. We can help you quickly and affordably.