All thanks to Mr. Adanas

My ex-husband and I started a company together, selling items online. When our marriage fell apart, the company nearly did, too. Instead of letting the dream of our business die along with the illusions of happily ever after, I decided to call a lawyer and see what options I had. After the initial consultation, I was able to make an appointment to get more information and begin to protect my investment within the company. I filled out all of the necessary paperwork and began the process of splitting up the company in a way that would protect it’s reputation, and my personal interests. Mr. Adanas told me what papers to fill out, what disputes with my ex-husband to worry about and what to ignore until we were in court, and how to keep the company’s best interests as the main focus during the entire process. Now, I have my name on the company, my ex-husband is out of the picture, and I still have the reputation that all of my buyers can rely on, thanks to Mr. Adanas. I will definitely use him again in the future.

Melissa U. - Clifton, NJ