All thanks to the recommendations of a friend

I had been rescuing dogs for years, all out of my own pocket. After a few people noticed what I was doing, they started offering some donations to help me now and again. That became the groundwork for me starting my own official rescue, but that was only the beginning of what I needed. I also found that I needed to figure out how to become a non-profit organization in order to be able to help out more dogs and accept more donations, but I had no idea where to start. After talking to one of the people who had donated items from the beginning about what I’d hoped to accomplish, I called the lawyers that she recommended. Mr. Adanas helped me change my rescue from a sole proprietorship into a non-profit company, and helped me go through and get my 501(c)(3) status. I am now set up to where I can start fundraisers, have official volunteers, take on donations for all of the pups, get a non-profit discount from vet offices to help care for the pups I save, and so much more. Had it not been for the recommendation of my friend, I would still be working out of my garage saving one or two dogs at a time. Instead, I have built a full kennel off of the back of my home, and can now save a dozen dogs at once. What an amazing feeling, knowing that I get to make a difference in these dogs’ lives on a daily basis, all thanks to the recommendations of a friend.

Jeanette W.- Wyckoff, New Jersey