Mr. Adanas is the one to call

I have been doing freelance work for years, all under the ‘sole proprietorship’ laws, but that didn’t get me the protection I was really looking for. After some research, I found that I should actually be doing business under an LLC so that if anyone ever sues me for anything, my personal belongings would be protected from the lawsuit. I thought that since I did the research, I should also be able to file the paperwork for the LLC, but I was mistaken. There were tons of forms to fill out, each asking for some information that I had no idea how to attain, so I knew early on I would need some help. I found the Mr. Adanas online, and he said they could help me get my business formed the right way. I gave him a call on thei toll free number, and felt a lot better about the process just from the phone call. After that, I went to my appointment with the papers I had already filled out, and was surprised to learn I had not even completed those the way that the state would have accepted. With some guidance, I was able to get all of my paperwork done properly and sent off, and am now the proud owner of my own official company. If you are looking to have your own company, add to your company, or even find out what you would need to start your own corporation, Mr. Adanas is the one to call.

Fran T. - Demarest, New Jersey