This law firm is the perfect solution!

My wife and I were recently looking at buying a home, and found the home of our dreams. We put in an offer, and made sure that it was contingent on the house passing an inspection. Our offer was accepted, and the inspection was scheduled. After we received the inspection report, there were numerous things on it we didn’t understand. The seller then told us since nothing ‘bad’ was on the inspection, they wanted to set a date for closing, but we suddently felt unsure because of not understanding what these confusing terms meant and the seller’s sudden rush. We decided to call Kevork Adanas off of a friend’s recommendation to ask about the inspection report, and they were able to get us into the office the same day. They sat down and explained what the report meant, and told us what they would recommend that we do. We counter offered the seller with this new knowledge and were able to significantly lower the price of the house we’d fallen in love with. We were so impressed with the lawyer that we also hired them to represent us at closing and to help us through the rest of the purchase of our home. We have now moved in, saved a good chunk of money, and love our dream home, all thanks to the Kevork Adanas. If you are looking to buy or sell a home and want someone on your side to make sure the transaction goes smoothly, this law firm is the perfect solution!

Mike and Nancy S.- Fort Lee, New Jersey