If your income depends on the ability to operate a commercial motor vehicle, getting a citation can have potentially disastrous consequences for your career and source of income. If penalty points accumulate on your CDL (Commercial Driver’s License), the consequences can range from increased insurance expenses, difficulty in finding employers who don’t insist on a perfect driving record, and possibly suspension of your license altogether. Common citations that truckers face can be the result of traffic violations such as speeding, failure to stop at a weigh station, infraction of safety regulations, or logbook violations.

If you have been issued a ticket by the New Jersey State Police, Transportation Authority, or any of the hundreds of law enforcement agencies in the state, contact traffic attorney Kevork Adanas, P.C. right away! He can help you. Mr. Adanas has the legal experience you need to protect your driving record and keep you working. He’ll be able to review your case, determine the best argument to pursue, and advocate for you in court. He has successfully fought to keep truckers’ CDL licenses from being suspended, often getting the ticket dismissed altogether. Depending on your case, he may also be able to bargain your penalties down so that your driving record does not suffer.

Don’t let a ticket get in the way of your capacity to do your job. If you’re a commercial driver whose license is in danger, don’t hesitate to call Kevork Adanas today. It could mean the difference between suspension of your license and dismissal of your charges.