fort-lee-business-attorney-2A trademark is like a corporate fingerprint. Just as your fingerprint is unique among all others, your trademark should be as well. In the paragraphs below, a NJ trademark attorney explains how trademark infringement can threaten you and your business.

Knock-off Products

We’ve all seen the “designer” watches, clothing, purses and other products that look almost exactly like the real thing but sell at a fraction of the price. The fact is, they’re not the real thing. When you build a business, develop a product and put it on the market, the last thing you want is to see its “twin” marked at half of what your product is priced. If the knock-off has your name on it or something too similar to it, you could be a victim of trademark infringement.

How It Works

When you register a trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, you are staking a claim to that symbol, word, figure, phrase or mark. Your trademark establishes your brand, which is why its protection is so important. Registration of your chosen symbol formally makes that mark your own, establishes precedence and announces clearly to the world that this specific design belongs to you.

Protecting Your Products

There is more than one way for your trademark to be infringed upon. The first of these has already been mentioned: the knock-off. The legal term is sales trademark infringement, and it occurs when an imitation of your product is produced and sold at a reduced price, thereby undercutting your market share. Since you didn’t manufacture the product, you receive none of the profits, which also damages your bottom line.

Registering Your Business Name

Like your products, your business identity should also be registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. If you are operating as a Doing Business As, or DBA, it is not necessary to register, although it is advisable. This prevents anyone else from copying your business name and enables you to seek legal recourse if they do.

Don’t Take Unnecessary Risks

The fallout from a charge of trademark infringement can be devastating. Protect yourself and your business by contacting Kevork Adanas, P.C., your NJ trademark attorney. Call 201-592-9190 today.