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Deportation Defense

Deportation Defense

Those in need of deportation defense are involved in what is now called a “removal proceeding”. The respondent, or the person who is undergoing removal proceedings is first served with a document requesting they appear in court for living in the United States unlawfully. This document will contain a list of allegations that fully explain why the respondent is being accused such as violations to the Immigration and Nationality Act that have spurred the removal proceedings. Hearings in court happen one of two ways: either in a master calendar hearing or an individual hearing. A master calendar hearing is a fast and easy process, normally first come, first serve, during which no testimony is taken. Your lawyer will however take oral pleadings in which they will respond to the charges in your removal proceeding document. In some cases, the charges can be challenged and the proceedings therefore terminated. However, most often the respondent is in the United State illegally and therefore cannot combat the allegations they have been charged with. If you are considered removable by the judge, then the next step is to apply for relief from removal.

However, if you are ineligible for relief from removal, you will be ordered to be deported. On the other hand, you may have to go through an individual hearing. This process goes about just as it sounds it would, with your case being the only one scheduled. Testimony is taken regarding whether the respondent should be allowed to remain in the United States or not. These are most common when the judge has to address complicated legal issues. Immigration court cases are either won or lost depending on the amount of preparation that goes into them. As an immigrant himself, Kevork Adanas will do everything he can to ensure you are not deported.

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