New-Jersey-real-estate-attorney-300x199At Kevork Adanas, P.C., a New Jersey real estate attorney can provide a wide range of services for your real estate needs from initial contract drafting, to closing and beyond. The sooner you engage the services of an experienced real estate lawyer, the better you’ll be able to anticipate and deal with problems before they form.

Purchase Contracts and Negotiation

When looking to buy or sell commercial or residential property, an attorney can help at the outset. For residential and commercial sellers, your attorney can help you prepare purchase contracts for potential buyers and make sure you comply with state and federal law regarding statutory disclosures. For buyers, your attorney can review your purchase contract and help you draft an offer that protects your interests.

The Real Estate Closing

Once the buyer and the seller have agreed on a purchase contract, your attorney can help smooth the process toward closing. At Kevork Adanas, P.C., we can assist with issues regarding title conveyance, leasehold and possessory rights. We can help you arrange for inspections and compliance with state and federal law regarding the condition of the property or any zoning regulations for commercial property. Consult with your attorney about questions you may have about special financing issues as well. Your attorney can represent you at the closing to help ensure all contractual terms are met.

Dealing with Issues That Arise After the Sale

If problems arise after the buyer takes possession of the property, your attorney can help you work to resolve them. If pretrial negotiation does not work, your attorney can discuss your best legal options for pursuing your claim in the appropriate court. Don’t leave these issues to chance. Your commercial and residential real estate purchases are likely the largest investment you’ll make.

Not all real estate attorneys are created equal. The sooner you engage the services of a qualified New Jersey real estate law firm, the more options you may have for dealing with potential problems. Let our attorneys help you every step of the process. To make an appointment with the offices of Kevork Adanas, P.C. Attorneys at Law call 201-592-9190 or toll free at 888-99-NJBIZ.