Business Succession Planning Lawyer


Business Succession Planning Lawyer

Whether you operate a small family business or have an ownership interest in a corporation, putting a clear, legally sound succession plan in place may be a very important step. Should you or a partner pass away, become incapacitated or simply decide to retire, such a plan can prevent disarray and painful, costly disputes.

Clear Legal Counsel For Asset Protection And Prevention Of Disputes

At the law office of Kevork Adanas P.C., a skilled Fort Lee business succession planning attorney will engage with you, ask the right questions, and help ensure your wishes involving the future of your New Jersey or New York company are properly documented. Key components of your succession agreement can establish, specifically and in a legally binding fashion:

  • Who will move into positions of ownership, leadership and control of the business as well as the roles of others involved and interested parties
  • Whether the business should be sold or otherwise have its assets liquidated rather than staying in operation
  • Valuation of partners' and family members' shares in a business for purposes of a buyout or distribution of proceeds if the company will be sold

We are proven issue spotters adept at presenting a range of sound legal options for accomplishing your goals. Although forms and templates for business succession agreements are available from various online services, we believe personal attention and conscientious counsel in this area is essential. No one at our firm will try to sell you services you do not need.

Drafting Succession Agreements · Negotiation Or Litigation To Resolve Disputes

Our practice was founded with a mission of making excellence in business law services affordable and convenient. We work with local, remote and international clients every day on a flat-fee basis, so that no one has to be concerned about legal costs spiraling out of control.

In addition to our planning and contract/agreement drafting services, our law firm is an outstanding resource if a partnership or shareholder dispute has arisen involving your business. You will have a practical lawyer on your side who will defend your interests and focus on finding the most beneficial and cost-efficient solution.

General Counsel

Are expensive, full-time in-house counsels draining your business financially? Although you may not mind paying high prices when you are in the midst of a lawsuit, you should be able to get the day-to-day legal matters of your business taken care of without paying an arm and a leg. In-house General Counselors can often command large salaries, with stock options and other perks to boot.

If you need to minimize these expenses, we can provide you with a cost-effective alternative to an in-house counsel. Our program allows you to have your own legal counsel at your disposal ― who will be at your beck and call on an ‘as needed basis' ― but without the high cost. We get to know your business, so that we can match our highly qualified attorney with your business. The result is that we successfully and effortlessly manage your company's legal matters, so that you can focus on what's really important ― building your business and achieving your goals.

To receive a free proposal or discuss your legal needs with one of our representatives, call us at 201-592-9190 or email us immediately.


Kevork Adanas is an experienced, skilled and knowledgeable lawyer strongly committed to providing top quality and efficient legal services to corporate clients with complete satisfaction. Adanas focuses on building long-term relationships with clients by working in their best interest and ensuring that they get their targeted results. Overall, he strives to make the process simple, smooth, and stress-free.


Based in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey and Clifton, New Jersey, Kevork Adanas P.C. provides comprehensive immigration, real estate and business law services to clients New Jersey and New York, including Hudson, Essex, Bergen, Union, Passaic and Middlesex counties in New Jersey and cities such as Clifton, Paterson, Jersey City, Hoboken, Newark, Hackensack, Bayonne, Passaic, East Orange, Union City and Paramus.

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