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LLC Formation Lawyer

LLC Formation Lawyer

Growing numbers of New Jersey businesses are forming Limited Liability Companies (LLCs). The LLC structure provides a number of advantages in terms of protecting personal assets. Further, the LLC affords numerous tax benefits. In addition, the LLC allows for a flexibility that is simply not present when forming a corporation. If you want to reap the benefits of forming an LLC, you must follow a number of legal formalities. The failure to hire a lawyer in your company's early stages may save money in the short run, but be extremely costly in the long run.

For many years, Fort Lee LLC formation attorney Kevork George Adanas has met the needs of business owners throughout New Jersey. Our law firm provides a full range of business services for small and medium-sized companies in all types of industries. We know just how important it is for a company to start off on the right foot and will counsel you as to the best corporate structure for your company.

You can start the process of incorporating as an LLC by completing and returning our LLC order form. Call 201-592-9190 or complete our contact form to schedule a consultation.

Why Should I Consider Forming An LLC?

Limited liability companies combine many of the benefits offered by both corporations and partnerships. Of perhaps greatest importance, members of an LLC do not have personal liability for any of the company's debts. In addition, LLCs are not taxed. Instead, the income from an LLC is taxed at the personal level. Similar to S corporations, active members of an LLC can deduct operating expenses against their income.

While LLCs have many of the benefits associated with a corporation, these entities also have some of the advantages associated with a partnership. For example, LLCs can have a flexible operating structure and are bound only by the terms of the operating agreement. In addition, LLCs provide a measure of privacy that is simply not present in a corporation. You will not need to disclose your identity when forming an LLC. It is only necessary that you name a registered agent.

Establishing LLCs On A Flat-Fee Basis

At our law firm, we understand that many entrepreneurs are sometimes hesitant to hire a lawyer. The expense of a lawyer and the uncertainty of the hourly billing model are certainly reasons why people avoid hiring lawyers. At Kevork Adanas P.C., we are proud to offer an alternative. We offer reasonable fees and flat-fee billing. As a result, you will know immediately how much it will cost for our law firm to establish your LLC.

To get started, please view our LLC order form and corporation forms.

Our law firm can also provide a number of other services in conjunction with establishing your LLC, including:

  • Agreements for indemnification and non-suit covenants
  • Operating agreement
  • Limited liability company restrictive members agreement
  • IRS Section 1244 status

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