LLC Formation Lawyer


LLC Formation Lawyer

For small business owners in New Jersey, the protection of their company and personal assets are a top priority.  To ensure this, it is advisable to form your business as a Limited Liability Company (LLC). With an LLC, you can achieve your goals both flexibly and quickly while lowering your tax burden. An LLC serves as a suitable option for businesses who want to formally separate their business and personal assets, and do not intend to take on outside investment.

Other benefits of an LLC to small business owners are:

  • No Double Tax Cut—as profits generated by an LLC is not taxed at the company level, members are not taxed twice for-profits disbursed to them.
  • Less Paperwork—LLC's don't have to deal with a lot of paperwork as there are less compliance requirements.
  • Enjoy Greater Flexibility—You can customize practically everything about a limited liability corporation. With the help of a seasoned LLC formation lawyer, you can create your LLC with specific rules governing your business in the most advantageous way thereby making them highly scalable and adaptable to the dynamic realities of the corporate world.

This is where we come into the picture.  Our experience LLC formation lawyer Kevork George Adanas has assisted numerous business owners across industries and throughout New Jersey form LLCs. At The Law Office of Kevork Adanas, P.C., we understand how crucial it is to start your business on the right foot and to select the right corporate structure for your business. 

LLC Formation on a Flat Fee Basis 

We understand that for many startups and SMEs hiring a lawyer may be expensive, especially with a limited budget. Due to the high expense of hiring an LLC formation lawyer in New Jersey and the uncertainty of the hourly billing model, many entrepreneurs don't opt for legal services. They'd rather do it on their own. However, what they don't realize is that the legal complexities that come with an LLC formation and that may arise later can be costly in the long run.

But don't worry! At The Law Office of Kevork Adanas, P.C., we have you covered. We offer LLC formation services for a reasonable fee and follow a flat fee billing system. This spares you from hidden and unpleasant surprises as we provide you a clear understanding of what it will cost for our law firm to form your LLC.

Our LLC formation services include 

  • Indemnification agreements and non-suit covenants
  • Operating agreement
  • LLC restrictive members agreement
  • IRS Section 1244 status

Call 201-592-9190 or complete our contact form to schedule a consultation. Get started by providing us with detailed information about your business and legal needs in our LLC order form. Based on your legal requirements and goals, we'll suggest the best corporate structure for your company and provide you with quality assistance every step of the way with its formation.


Kevork Adanas is an experienced, skilled and knowledgeable lawyer strongly committed to providing top quality and efficient legal services to corporate clients with complete satisfaction. Adanas focuses on building long-term relationships with clients by working in their best interest and ensuring that they get their targeted results. Overall, he strives to make the process simple, smooth, and stress-free.


Based in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey and Clifton, New Jersey, Kevork Adanas P.C. provides comprehensive immigration, real estate and business law services to clients New Jersey and New York, including Hudson, Essex, Bergen, Union, Passaic and Middlesex counties in New Jersey and cities such as Clifton, Paterson, Jersey City, Hoboken, Newark, Hackensack, Bayonne, Passaic, East Orange, Union City and Paramus.

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