Commercial Purchase


If you're considering a commercial purchase, then it is advisable to seek legal assistance and guidance from our experienced real estate lawyer. With a lawyer's guidance, you can ensure a smooth and confident commercial buying process. This is because commercial property buying is more complex than residential property transactions.

Most often, a commercial purchase is carried with an intention to generate a regular flow of income. These purchases are vital to businesses as they may affect your overall investment portfolio and financial health. Due diligence and a sound legal understanding is essential to make a profitable commercial purchase. And this is what we at the Law Office of Kevork Adanas, P.C. can help you with.

Our lawyer works relentlessly to protect companies and individuals from financial pitfalls. We can handle all the legal details of your commercial purchase, including agreements, contracts, negotiations, title reviews, taxes, mortgage,s and commercial title insurance. We ensure prompt communication and a professional approach to achieve successful outcomes for you.

Smooth Commercial Transactions 

At the Law Office of Kevork Adanas, P.C., we provide clients with quality representation at every stage of commercial real estate transactions from suitable property locations to closing the deal. Our real estate lawyer can help negotiate and draft contracts protecting your rights under New Jersey's real estate law. Furthermore, we assist clients through the process due diligently. This includes compliance with New Jersey Industrial Site Recovery Act.

Tenancy and Leasing Complications

At times, commercial real estate purchases come with tenancy issues and leasing complications. How you deal with them can make a huge difference in your portfolio. This is where a lawyer can be helpful. We leverage our wealth of experience negotiating drafts and contracts to amicably resolve disputes and close the deal.

Tax Issues 

Our attorney has expertise in counseling buyers of commercial real estate on the tax consequences that may come with such transactions. We can help you minimize federal and New Jersey tax burdens and also handle tax appeals for all types of commercial purchase issues such as incorrect assessment and illegal spot assessment.

Title Issues

This is a vital aspect of a commercial property transaction. It is essential that a commercial purchaser receives clean title to the property. In other words, there should be no other types of ownership claims on the property like liens or seller mortgage and etc. With us, you don't have to worry about that. Our lawyer will investigate to find all title issues and make sure that they are sorted out before you make your investment. Moreover, a clear title is also needed because without it you can't obtain title insurance, and no lender will loan money to you for such a purchase.

For more information or legal assistance with a commercial purchase, contact us today at 201-592-9190 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation with our seasoned real estate lawyer in New Jersey to make sure your commercial purchase is hassle-free.


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